Get Active

Welcome to our ‘Get Active’ pages. It is our vision to ‘get more people, more active, enjoying the benefits of more and better sport in Berkshire’ we work with a variety of sporting and non-sporting organisations to achieve this.

There are a whole variety of ways to get active, and similarly a variety of settings in which you can be active;

1. Use our Activity Finder for your nearest opportunity to get more active

2. Use our Club & Facility Finder for your nearest club or facility

3. Take a look at our Workplace page to find out ideas on how you and your colleagues might get more active whilst at work

4. Take a look at our College/Uni page to find out how you might make your college/uni a more active place.

5. Take a look at our Sport page for more information on each Governing Body and contact details for your local Development Officer.

6. Take a look at our Disability page for more information on inclusive opportunities.

Finally, if you can’t find what you’re looking for please don’t hesitate to get in touch via 


Are you a Club or Organisation that provide sporting activities? Why not sign up to Get Berkshire Actives, activity finder and club finder. It's quick and simple, just follow these guidance notes, however, if you have any questions please contact us on