Safeguarding & Protecting Children in Sport

Welcome to the Safeguarding and Protecting Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults Resource Section.

Children and Young People benefit greatly from taking part in sport and leisure activities, which give them the opportunity to be healthy and active, to have fun, to learn new skills and to make new friends. Get Berkshire Active, in partnership with the Child Protection in Sport Unit and other County Sports Partnerships in the Region, have produced a series of information leaflets to help children/young people, clubs, coaches, volunteers, officials and parents ensure that all sport operates in a safe environment. 

A guide for children and Young People - When young people take part in sport they have the right to have fun and stay safe...don't let anyone spoil it!

A guide for Parents and Carers - With so many leisure activities to choose from in a local community, this guide will help you to choose activities that your children will enjoy and where they will be safe from potential harm.
A guide for Sports Clubs and Organisations - This leaflet provides sports clubs and organisations with information and guidance on how to adopt good sports practice and ensure that the safety of children and young people is paramount.
A guide for Coaches, Leaders & Officials - By the very nature if their involvement with children, young people and vulnerable adults, the sports workforce may find themselves in a position where they observe inappropriate or uncharacteristic behaviour, see evidence of harm or receive reports of harm to participants in their care. This leaflet will support all members of the sports workforce by providing information and guidance on good sports practice.

To book onto a Safeguarding course, please click here to view our up and coming workshops. To book onto the new NSPCC Child protection in sport course please click here

Get Berkshire Active are committed to ensuring all our programmes are operated in a safe manner, with safeguarding embedded throughout the organisation. To view our staff structure including those with a lead on safeguarding please click here.

If you have any feedback on these leaflets or further questions relating to Safeguarding in Sport please contact ​James Craggs on 01628 472851 or e-mail

Safeguarding and Protecting Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults Resource Section

The safeguarding and protection of children, young people and vulnerable adults is of upmost importance for sports clubs who cater for these participants. There is a wide range of support, tools and templates on offer which sports clubs and community organisations can use to review and develop minimum standards for the safeguarding and protection of club members.

This section includes:

-GBA Code of Ethics 

-Appendix A- Information Sharing and Confidentiality
-Appendix B- Monitoring and evaluating the Policy
-Appendix C- Safer recruitment of Staff and Volunteers
-Appendix D- Safeguarding Contacts, Support and Advice services
-Appendix E- Recognising Abuse and Poor practice
-Appendix F- How to respond to a Safeguarding concern
-Appendix G- Reporting Process diagram
-Appendix H- Incident report form
-Appendix I- Electronic Communication policy
-Appendix J- Guidelines on Social Networking Services and Social Media
-Appendix K- Photography policy

Other Useful Links

Reading Voluntary Action DBS Guide - The purpose of this guide is to help voluntary organisations to; Implement changes in their organisations to comply with the requirements of the legislation, identify which volunteer and paid posts require the post holder to be checked, at what level and for which workforce i.e. children or adults and find additional sources of guidance and help.