Team Berkshire

Team Berkshire is a concept that Get Berkshire Active are currently developing, providing sports clubs and individuals in Berkshire the opportunity to sign up to membership packages in return for various benefits.

Team Berkshire for Clubs

Get Berkshire Active envisage that the Team Berkshire Club offer will include access to business support services, discounted supplies and access to volunteers.  Membership will assist clubs to deliver better sports experiences and more opportunities for people to take part in sport and physical activity.  We hope to build a brand identity that allows all clubs in Berkshire to feel part of a wider ‘sports community’, to benefit from closer relationships with other varied sports clubs alongside tangible membership benefits.     

Get Berkshire Active would like Team Berkshire to develop into the platform through which clubs share best practice with each other, interact with our organisation and address the big issues in sport in Berkshire. Contact if you are interested in becoming a Team Berkshire Club.

Become a Team Berkshire Volunteer

All you need to do is volunteer with Get Berkshire Active and you’ll be an official ‘Team Berkshire Volunteer’.  All Team Berkshire Volunteers receive; a ’Welcome to Team Berkshire’ letter, a Team Berkshire T-Shirt and access to free training courses including First Aid and First Steps into Coaching. 

Contact if you are interested in becoming a Team Berkshire volunteer.

To receive further updates on Team Berkshire by e-mail contact